Monday, September 16, 2013

September IPSY Bag (Classic Beauty)

First i want to say that IPSY this month was all messed up. I went up to the 13th with no email about the bag, or the tracking information. Which they usually give out on the 10th, and usually get my bag by the 13th. So i don't know what was up with this month. 

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1. Em cosmetics Sample Eyeshadows And Blush

Em cosmetics, if you don't already know, is the makeup brand that Michelle Phan has made. Michelle phan is also the creator of IPSY. So this month i got these samples of one blush and three eyeshadows. And let me just say that samples of makeup on cardboard is HORRIBLE! no matter what kind of makeup they just don't have good pigmenetation. The only thing that slightly shows up is the blush. Thats why i didn't even swatch and take pictures because you literally cant see anything on my hand. Its horrible and there no color or anything. Just a bad idea and a waste of money for them to even make this sample. 

2. John Frieda Full repair shampoo and conditioner 

when i first saw these i wasnt excited at all, i mean im the tyep of girl that has certain shampoo and conditioner from sally's that i stick too. So i will not even use these. Ill probably give these to my sister or mom. I just don't think this was a good product for me, it might be to some other girls. i just was mad haha. BUTTTTT they are a very good sample size (1.05f FL oz) they do smell good tho!

3. NYX eyeshadow in Charcoal

I love NYX cosmetics; from there foundations, concealers, blushes , lipsticks, and there eyeshadows.
This is a full sized product so im happy with that i just dont really care for the color. I mean yes i will use it but its not one of those eyeshadows you can wear everyday. So this will get little use by me, but i stil think its a beautiful color! its very shimmery and very creamy!

4. Starlooks Black eyeliner pencil in obsidian

this is a very creamy and very black eyeliner, that i will use for my water line. But i've gotten so many of these from ipsy bags, and i still have those! so i guess i will just add this to my collection! plus these take forever to use up!

5.Elizabeth mott mascara "its so big"

Ive never heard of Elizabeth mott cosmetics so i'm excited to try a different brand. I've just gotten so many little mascaras in my makeup collection from ipsy and i'm still trying al those out. But i'm excited to try these mascara because it seems to look very volumizing!
just nothing to exciting!

MY OPINION ON THIS MONTHS BAG: i LOVE the bag. Its probably the most expensive feeling bag i have gotten in the past 2 years! its very think and i love the pattern. For the products i was excited about ANYTHING! i've gotten a bunch of pencil eyeliners from them, i've gotten even more mascaras from ipsy, and the nyx eyeshadow was okay not a color i will se alot. And for the the shampoo and conditioner i bet someone would love that i just don't care for that stuff, because i use special shampoo and conditioner for my hair. so overall i hated this month! and i haven't really hated a bag so far, and this one I HATE!